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Meticulously Staged.- The Village Voice

Arresting…(Tracy Shayne) is absolutely astonishing. I applaud the three producers – Mare Nostrum Elements, Theatre 808, and The Schoolhouse Theater – as well director Pamela Moller Kareman for going the extra mile.-Peter Filichia’s Diary

There are many pleasures in the cheeky production…it’s a clever tale, well played, Cowardesque but sincere.The NY Times

A polished, pungent and superbly acted production.-Theatermania

“Tracy Shayne shines.”
“Astute direction.”
“The company delivers…with panache…but what really stands front and center is Behrman’s play. Called “adult,” “mature,” “provocative,” “intelligent,” and “sinewy” by the New York critics at its premiere, it’s still all of that more than 75 years later.”

A welcome revival…well acted…an entertaining and nostalgic experience.-Wolf Entertainment Guide

Back 2 Back

This is a well acted duel.  A valid couple of actors in the small theater.-Mario Fratti/America Oggi

I urge you to climb two flights up to the 55-seat Royal Theater…(to) bask in the terrific talent of young Kevin Albert and Cheryl Orsini as they seamlessly breathe rich, fresh life into two very disparate plays.- Arlene Epstein /Nassau Herald

The Crucible


Just got back from attending a just-stunning Off-Broadway (regional transfer from Croton Falls) production of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” currently playing at The ArcLight Theatre… Absolutely extraordinary. A phenomenal piece all-around. Exceptional casting and I’m proud of this company stretching their legs in New York. Shows that devoted craft is everywhere (not just NYC). It’s wonderful to see a “classic” being remounted off-Bway (where something-old is so often overshadowed by something-new)

Arthur Miller’s great play “The Crucible” still resonates powerfully after more than half a century, and The Schoolhouse Theater and Mare Nostrum Elements revival has done it justice under the direction of Pamela Moller Kareman. This is a strong production, vividly staged and vigorously acted by an overall impressive company, and although Miller’s supercharged drama is based on the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692, can there be any doubt that a connection can still be made whenever hysteria takes hold and claims new victims? – William Wolf / Wolf Entertainment Guide

A The thought of facing “The Crucible,” especially on a raw February night, can be fatiguing. All those righteous and base emotions, those Salem girls gone wild, those chilling New England interiors — it’s not easy, as an artist or an audience member, to go head to head with Arthur Miller’s cruelly magnificent play. What a relief, then, to land in the good company of the Schoolhouse Theater and Mare Nostrum Elements, who are presenting “The Crucible” at the ArcLight Theater. … The Schoolhouse Theater and Mare Nostrum Elements do justice to Arthur Miller’s demanding play in this taut, uncluttered production. – Claudia La Rocco/The New York Times

The Schoolhouse Theater and Mare Nostrum Elements have done just that, giving us a thrilling production that is politically resonant and, more importantly, emotionally real, believable, and outright piercing. – Kat Chamberlain /

T Arthur Miller’s brilliant play The Crucible, as seen with its sizeable cast of nineteen electric (if not equal) performers in a packed house at the ArcLight Theater, is a terrific show that offers its audience what is best about live theater – a palpable experience.- Suzanne Lynch/Offoffonline


Mediterranean Voices

Mediterranean Voices Press Article

Mediterranean Voices has a timeless, classic quality, and is crafted with a unique blend of theater and dance…with endless care by Director Kevin Albert and a cast of ensemble actors who easily inhabit a world of their own making… Mediterranean Voices is a wholly unique experience in the theater…Mr. Albert and Mr. Iervasi have collaborated with a gifted ensemble to share with us what can best be described as a rite of passage…It is almost a perfectly safe assumption that Mediterranean Voices inherits its charm from the films of Fellini and DeSica – to have embodied the hearts and souls of its inhabitants in live theater is an accomplishment both subtle and prodigious.- Peter Scolari, Actor/Director 

The cast of 24 artists ranging from 2 to 60 years old is, to say the least, cosmopolitan. It is more than a story; it is a series of scenes lightly based on the stories of Giovanni Verga. Dialogues interweave in unknown and exotic languages for an American audience. Here acting is done in Italian, Spanish, Greek, all Mediterranean languages.-Monia Venturini, RAI TV

La MaMa has a reputation for unusual theatrical events, so before arriving we were unsure as what to expect.  What we found was an evening of beauty constructed with much thought and love; a story that was timeless; performers that were wonderful, both in their acting and their dance. With all the commercialism of Broadway, one needs a diversion on occasion, and when one finds it done with the care, love, and talent of this production- David and Barbara Salz, theatergoers

One of the most remarkable theatrical journeys I have taken. I was transported into an exotic world full of texture, passion and humanity. The direction was seamless and the performances were outstanding; especially that of the creator Nicola Iervasi.- Christopher C. Gates, Businessman, actor and theatergoer

One of the most remarkable theatrical journeys I have taken. I was transported into an exotic world full of texture, passion and humanity. The direction was seamless and the performances were outstanding; especially that of the creator Nicola Iervasi.- Christopher C. Gates, Businessman, actor and theatergoer

I enjoyed the entire cast and loved the diversity in age especially.  The extra touches such as the food served and the tourist narration really helped make it a Mediterranean experience.- Chuck McKinney – Actor

The show itself completely transports you to a different world and captivates you from beginning to end. The choreography was very strong, the script was so well written as well and the word choice and text was powerful in itself. It was great to see how you guys incorporated the music the vocals and text without making it too “showy” it flowed naturally.- Greg Youdan, Dancer

From the moment we sat down, dancers offered traditional Italian food in character to the audience, enveloping us in the atmosphere of a festive Italian piazza.  The combination of traditional music and modern movement blended masterfully to create a truly enchanting experience.  It is refreshing to encounter a show that integrates the art of choreographed madness and ecstasy with the historical origins of modern dance.- Jennifer Neil-Spaziano, Performer

This is a glorious escape and a beautiful observation of a culture and place as different and similar from our Manhattan experience as one can imagine. This is a must see!- Evan Clayton, Actor

This is epic!!T Nicky Paraiso, curator of the Club @ La MaMa ETC