Back to Back

Courtesy of Mare Nostrum Elements archive – all photos Kevin Albert and Cheryl Orsini

Two Performers.One Director.Two contrasting plays performed Back 2 Back.
The Producers Club, May 2007
Directed by Tim Herman

North of Providence by Edward Allen Baker
A contemporary drama by Edward Allen Baker set in 1980s suburban Rhode Island. A brother and sister are brought together by their father’s rapidly failing health. A discovery is made in their past that reveals why they’ve grown apart.

Welded (excerpts) by Eugene O’Neil
An excerpt from the obscure and rarely performed comedy by Eugene O’Neill. This piece, set in 1920s New York society, covers the relationship between a vain playwright and the woman who starred in his acclaimed plays as they battle it out for center stage. Was it his plays that made her a star or her performance that made them hits?

Directed by Tim Herman
Photos by Nicola Iervasi

This brief double bill gives you the chance to see two actors stretch and conquer such contrasting styles.


Back 2 Back

This is a well acted duel. A valid couple of actors in the small theater.-Mario Fratti/America Oggi

I urge you to climb two flights up to the 55-seat Royal Theater…(to) bask in the terrific talent of young Kevin Albert and Cheryl Orsini as they seamlessly breathe rich, fresh life into two very disparate plays.- Arlene Epstein /Nassau Herald